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Maralee Nichols is a renowned American actress and singer who has starred in several Broadway musicals, television shows, and films. Born on August 8th, 1982 in Los Angeles, California, she began her career as a child actor at the age of eleven when she was cast in the lead role of Annie in the 1983 Broadway production of “Annie”.

Since then, Maralee has gone on to star in numerous productions including “West Side Story” (1984), “Grease” (1985), and “The Wiz” (1986). On television, she has appeared in shows such as “The Cosby Show” (1988) and its spin-off series “A Different World” (1989-1990) as well as recurring roles on shows like “Living Single” (1996-1997) and “Sister Sister” (1994-1995).

In addition to her stage and TV credits, Maralee has also acted in films such as Eddie Murphy’s hit movie Beverly Hills Cop II opposite Eddie Murphy himself.

Maralee Nichols Wiki

Maralee Nichols is an American actress/singer who was born on August 8th 1982. She rose to fame with her debut performance as Annie in the 1983 Broadway production of “Annie”. Since then she has gone on to appear in other plays and musicals such as West Side Story, Grease and The Wiz. She also made appearances on television shows such as The Cosby Show, A Different World and Living Single amongst others.

Maralee Nichols Biography

Marlee Nichol’s life story begins with her birth into a family of performers. Her mother had been an aspiring dancer while her father was a professional singer for bands all over Los Angeles during his lifetime; these two influences gave birth to Marlee’s passion for performing arts from an early age.

After being accepted into the prestigious High School for Performing Arts at fourteen years old where she studied vocal music alongside acting classes – by sixteen Marlee had already secured a leading role on Broadway performing alongside Tony Award Winning Actor Charles Durning; this experience would mark the beginning of her successful career within entertainment industry that continues today! 

Net Worth & Height 

According to reliable sources it is believed that Marlee Nichol’s net worth is currently estimated around $2 million dollars due largely to her long standing career within film & television industries; this figure may however change depending upon future projects undertaken by Ms Nichol’s or any additional investments made during times ahead! 

As far as height goes – we know that Ms Nichols stands at five feet six inches tall which makes her perfectly suited for many types roles both onstage & off!

Maralee Nichols Measurements
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Maralee Nichols Measurements

Marlee Nichol’s measurements are 34C-24-36 making them particularly attractive assets when it comes playing leading ladies different stage/screen productions! 

Education & Career

Ms Nicholas attended Hollywood High School before transferring over University California Los Angeles UCLA pursue Bachelors degree Theater Arts graduating year 1987; since then she gone onto become critically acclaimed performer both theatre world well appearing number popular films throughout last three decades counting including hits: ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ ‘Harlem Nights’ ‘House Party I II’. Additionally notable TV credits include: Cosby Show A Different World Sister Sister among others.

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Some important information about Ms Nicholas?

Yes, of course! Maralee has been nominated for numerous awards throughout her career, including an Emmy Award in 2000 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series as well as two Tony Awards in 1989 and 1990. She has also been the recipient of various Broadway honors, such as being inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame at age 39.

She is currently working on new projects both on stage and screen and continues to be a highly sought after performer. Additionally, she is an active philanthropist who supports numerous charities, including UNICEF, The American Cancer Society and The Humane society among others.

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