30 Ways to Stay Married for 30 years

The courtship period is easy to handle as the couple is in a happy and romantic mood, but will it last forever? Many couples tend to lose the initial spark of their relationship with time. Therefore, the couple must keep the romance alive to ensure their marriage lasts long.

They need to continue growing both as a couple and as individuals. A relationship can thrive only if both partners give the same effort and understand each other.

30 tips to maintain your marriage for 30 years, maybe more.

1. Each day is a new day

Couples fight often, and they should. But, it is essential to avoid carrying forward the fight to the next day. Always resolve the argument before going to bed, do not carry it forward into a new day. As a couple, both partners need to have the ability to ask for forgiveness and grant it as well. Keeping grudges will not help either of you in any way.

2. Behave in a well-mannered way.

Couples behave casually and comfortably with each other, and they should. But that doesn’t mean that they forget their manners in the process. Have a habit of saying thank you, sorry, and excuse me whenever it is needed.

3. Keep smiling

It is essential to make your partner feel welcomed and cherished. An easy way to do so is by smiling. When your partner comes home, greet them with a smile and make them feel welcome. When traveling in a car, make sure there is no awkward silence, smile, and feel relaxed.

4. Take care of yourself.

In order to maintain your relationship for 30 years, you need to be around for 30 years. Take care of yourself, eat right, and sleep for the required time. Make sure you are fit enough to support your partner during your married life.

5. Do not jump to conclusions

If your partner messes up something, give them the benefit of the doubt and not jump to conclusions. It is possible that they wanted to do something good, but it did not go as planned. Give them a chance to explain themselves before making any decision.

6. Take turns in things

Whenever you plan to go out, watch a movie, or have dinner at a restaurant, take turns deciding where to go or which movie to watch. It is vital to give your partner a choice and do things they would like, along with what you would like. There should be a proper balance.

7. Go out for breakfast.

It is essential to take some time off your everyday routine and go for breakfast. It does not matter if you have just a cup of tea or a toast; it is essential to talk to each other about random things and keep each other updated about things happening around you.

8. Keep your fights to yourself

Make sure your fights do not go outside your bedroom. It is your personal matter and should be resolved in private. Socializing about it will hurt your partner more and prolong the fight.

9. Give your relationship priority

You are spouses first and then parents or children. As spouses, your relationship should hold the highest position. Your first and foremost responsibility is towards your partner and then towards other relationships.

10. Have different topics to talk about

There should be different topics for discussion between the two of you. Refrain from making the conversations boring by talking only about the house, kids, or your work. Instead, engage in conversations that are different from your everyday conversation.

11. Make travel time

Make sure you plan at least two or three trips a year. Doing this gives your relationship time to grow away from everyday problems. As a result, you get to know each other more and more profoundly.

12. Use your phone less

When you are with each other, keep your phone aside and talk with each other. Maintain proper eye contact to show your partner your engagement in the conversation. Spend time with each other rather than on phones.

13. Kiss more

Keep the romance alive by giving your partner a good morning kiss and a good night kiss. Kiss before going to work and coming back from work. Kiss whenever you think you need to show your love and concern to your partner.

14. A relationship goes both ways

It is not just one person’s responsibility to maintain the relationship. Do not act selfish and focus just on yourself. To make a relationship work, both parties need to show equal effort.

15. Please do not change the positive perception of them

When you got married, no one was more fascinating than your partner. So please do not change that perception of them and make them feel like the most special person, even in a room filled with people.

16. Respect their time

Suppose you have committed to come home or meet somewhere at a particular time. Make sure you live up to it and not make them wait.

17. Respect and love their family

Your partner’s family is now your family too. So treat them like your own family and not differentiate between them.

18. Be thankful

God has made everyone unique, and your partner is special too, be thankful to God for giving them to you.

19. Have a few inside jokes

Have jokes that can be understood just by the two of you. Make them your unique thing.

20. Do not leave after a fight

Do not leave your partner alone after a fight. If you need some air, let your partner know you will return soon.

21. Do things important to your spouse

Make your partner feel important by doing things that are essential for them, even if they might not be for you. At least once in a while, do something that they like.

22. Help in cleaning up

After having your meal or doing work, clean the table and arrange the things back to their place. These small things help your partner a lot.

23. Handle thing maturely

Behave maturely during tough times and become a supportive pillar for your partner.

24. Do not let the child die

Make sure you keep your fun and enjoyable side alive. It is vital to keep your relationship entertaining and relaxing.

25. Communicate gracefully

Communicate the truth to your partner, but make sure you do not hurt your partner in the process. Be honest and considerate.

26. Maintain a budget and follow it

It is essential to maintain financial stability in your relationship. Make a proper budget and check it frequently.

27. Show kindness

Express kindness through your words and actions to make your partner feel loved and cared for.

28. Show commitment

Marriage continues to flourish if both partners commit to their wedding vows and make new ones as time passes.

29. Never make sweeping blanket statements

Do not make statements like ‘you always do’ and ‘you are always late.’ No one is always late or wrong. Sometimes it is not in their hands. So please do not make them feel bad every time.

30. Pray

Pray to God together for a better and healthier future. He has brought you together, so it is essential to thank Him and ask for His blessings.


Follow the tips mentioned earlier and see your marriage flourish and last for 30 and more years. The most important of all is to listen, listen to these tips, and also your partner.

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