The Gift of a Lifetime: How One Company gave a Kindle Version of a Good Company

Need to send a gift to someone but cannot decide what to do? E-books are a very good choice of gifts as they help the reader explore a new world. They are considered good company as they help the reader connect with something unknown and fascinating.

They do not occupy space in your cupboard while fulfilling the urge to read new books. It is very simple to gift an E-book, and you don’t even need to step out of your house.

This article will discuss the steps to be followed for ordering an E-book and why they are the gifts of a lifetime.

How to gift a Kindle book?

New in this field of gifting, refer to the steps below to have a smooth purchase.

Step 1: Open the Amazon Kindle app store and look for the right book. Since you are gifting such a special gift, you must know their preference and pick the one you think would be the best one.

Step 2: On the right side of the screen, there must be an option called Buy Now; you have to click on the option below it, Give as a Gift.

Step 3: Select the mode of delivery of the gift. There are many ways to do so. You can send the mail directly to the person you want to gift. Add a personalized message to it. If you wish to send the gift on another date, you can also mention the date and time in the designated options. If you still need to, you can get the mail sent to you and gift it as a printed copy to the person.

Gifting an E-book, as mentioned above, is an easy and quick process. Make the person feel special by giving them the best company they deserve.

Reasons why Kindle Versions are the best gift to give:

Here are some reasons to justify that Kindle versions are the gift of a lifetime.

  • Help you avoid the shopping madness

You want to gift someone for an upcoming festival or event, and you know that all the shopping centers will be packed during the festival. If you choose to give an E-book, you need not worry about the rush or the fear of not finding the right gift at the peak hour.

You can easily order the book online and free yourself from the stress of shopping. You can even buy the book long before the occasion and schedule the delivery according to your preference. For Example, suppose you want a gift for Christmas; you can buy the book in July and keep it ready. 

  • Amazing deals every day

Amazon Kindle offers its customers amazing deals that are highly cost-effective and surprising. For Example, there is a deal called Riot’s Books Deals; in this deal, you can buy at least five books for just ten dollars. It will win over the heart of someone who is very strict in budgeting and does not like expensive gifts.

Even more fascinating offers during festive seasons will make the book a gift of a lifetime. There are deals on books of the same genres; if a person likes to read books of a particular genre, you can gift them that at a meager price.

  • Accessible exchange offers are available

Suppose you gift someone a collection of books, and they do not like a few books from them. To solve this problem, there are easy ways of exchange available on the Amazon Kindle app store.

The only condition is that the price should be the same, or you would have to pay the extra amount, if any. There is another way. The person can take an amazon gift card from the app store and use it to buy the book of their choice. This makes your job even more flexible, and you can inform your friend to choose the book of their preference and enjoy it.

  • Sometimes it is the only option

In the digital era we live in, many books are available only on online platforms. Some authors prefer to publish their books only on digital platforms, especially after Covid.

There might be situations when you do not have time to buy something for the person, and this is the last resort. You can always rely on Kindle books because there is no fear of unavailability. The book that you want will always be present for you.

  • They are cost-effective

Kindle books are relatively inexpensive and are much cheaper compared to printed copies. Only some have cash available every time they want to buy a gift. Gifting these reasonably priced books will also make it easier for the recipient to accept them. These Kindle edition books are the best choice if you buy presents on a budget.


Kindle books are a gift of a lifetime. Giving someone this as a gift might be the best way to express how much you know about the person’s preference. This helps you select the best book collection for your particular person.

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