Top 21 Killer Recruitment Questions in 2023

While searching for a job, a person is nervous about whether their resume will be accepted. After their resume is accepted and they are asked to be present at the place, they are again nervous about the interview. In addition, they are more nervous about the Recruitment questions the interviewer might ask them.

Finally, people are relaxed if they can respond to the question satisfactorily. Now let us see from the interviewer’s point of view.

Just like interviewees are nervous about the questions that can be asked, the interviewer is anxious and confused about what Recruitment questions to ask. They want to ask questions whose answers will be clear enough to determine if a candidate is capable of the vacancy/post. So they have to frame questions in such a way that justifies the post they are offering and is capable enough to test the interviewee’s abilities and skills.

Here are best 21 Recruitment questions from which you can have ideas for framing new questions:-

  1. “What are your weaknesses?”
  2. “Reason for opting for this job”
  3. “How much do you expect us to pay you?”
  4. “What kind of reaction would you give if the people around you here were demotivating and pessimistic?”
  5. “How do you expect your good day to be spent here in the company?”
  6. “Describe your coping mechanism and weakness in 30 seconds.”
  7. “There might be informal achievements you have done in your life which you can not put onto your resume. What are they? Describe them.”
  8. “How would you impress us in the first 15 days of work?”
  9. “What are the negative impressions that you have heard about our company?”
  10. “What thoughts will cross you if you cannot get this job?”
  11. “What do you count as your biggest mistake? Why?”
  12. “In context with your current career planning, how does this post fill your map?”
  13. “Tell us about that one time you benefited your previous business or company.”
  14. “What were the things that did not entertain you at your previous job?”
  15. “Have you ever lost your temper at your previous job? If yes, why?”
  16. “Tell us about your worth shortly for the job.”
  17. “How were your relations with your co-workers at your previous job?”
  18. “Would you rather be perfect and late or be good and on time? Reason.”
  19. “According to you, who is the smartest person you have ever met? Why do you think they are the smartest?”
  20. “Until now, which interview question or process has surprised you the most? Why?”
  21. “Which is the word, you guarantee, people you have worked with professionally/unprofessionally would use to describe you as a person?”

These were some tricky and strenuous Recruitment questions you can ask your interviewees and test and make them crunch their brains over it to find an accurate professional response.

What are the problems in framing Recruitment questions?

Companies often face this problem when they cannot explore new and tricky Recruitment questions for the interviewees as most of the interview questions are now popularly available on the internet, accessible to everyone via material provided by markets.

As a result, companies or businesses mostly come across the problem of framing new and unique questions which would test the interviewee’s intellect and logical thinking, along with reflecting their persona and behavioral characteristics. However, keeping all these aspects in mind and framing updated questions is difficult.

Problems in framing new Recruitment questions are already discussed. They are accessible, no longer a secret, and are out on the internet. Interviewers face a toil while preparing a questionnaire for the interview or recruitment process. They struggle to find a way out of it.

What can be done/solution?

To solve the Recruitment questions, interviewers need to do some real brain work. The difficult task can be accomplished by keeping in mind some important aspects of the vacancy of the job they are recruiting for. 

  • The interviewer, firstly, should keep in mind the job’s criteria. (What are they looking for?)
  • Secondly, forget the categories of interviewees that you would like to interview. (Experienced interns, ex-employee, formal relations with the applicant)
  • Next, look into the demands of the job. Finally, search for the necessary details about what the post would need. (What are the requirements for the post?) 
  • Then, prepare a list of the expected skills you are looking for in the job in person. (Frame questions asking them about those skills)
  • Last but not least, keep in mind the impression and status of the company in people’s minds. How the company is expected to be in the mind of the out comers. (Form standardized questions with logical reasoning)


Asking specially framed questions to the interviewee according to the job’s criteria will help interviewers recruit the most relevant employees.

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