How Long Can You Go with a Dumb Phone?

People of today’s world can be explained or describe how significant the phone and the internet are. No one in gen z is unknown of the fact that how much of importance these cell phones hold for us. Yet, the world feels abridged without a smartphone with all its smart features.

Imagine a life with a dumb phone. A phone without smart features like the internet, social media apps, music, streaming OTT platforms, and more is a dumb phone.

Because people are addicted to their smartphones, they feel most of their time is consumed by them. So they think it is impossible to survive with a dumb phone. However, some people can tackle and reduce it by taking up the dumb phone challenge.

Meaning of dumb phone challenge:

Phone addiction and social media surfing is the greatest concern of today’s generation for themselves and their close ones. People nowadays get very much anxious and panicked when they are struck with even the thought of them letting go of their phone.

So to save themselves from further serious addiction and anxiety, some people consciously try resolutions to tackle it. Some people are given suggestions to take up some methods of reducing addiction.

One of them is the dumb phone challenge. We already discussed the meaning of dumbphones. Taking or giving dumb phone challenges is a task where one should go without using a smartphone and instead use a phone without any smart features.

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One can make calls and receive calls to maintain contact but no internet access, no social media surfing, no games, no texting, no binge-watching or streaming videos. The track is recorded how much a person copes with the dumb phone and does not get anxious.

How are results recorded?

To see how much a person is addicted to and how much they can give up, results are recorded in the form of the time/days they can cope with a dumb phone. After completing the dumb phone challenge (according to the person, after how many days they again start using their smartphones), time is noted.

If the time is more than one day or eighteen hours, their smartphone obsession is still on the borderline, and they can do more such challenges to reduce and balance it completely.

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If the person can not resist using their smartphone for even a short period of time and their time for usage is so less, counting from 4 hours to 8 hours, then it states that the person is intensely addicted to their smartphone. That means the individual needs some severe steps to control their screen time.

What do negative results mean?

After taking the dumb phone challenge, the results show that your addiction is at a high level which can cause you physical and mental health issues, too; it says your result is negative and is a concern. Negative results suggest that you are constantly using your smartphone, and your screen time is visibly a lot. It is a sign you start taking precautionary steps.

Effects on health:

These might result into:

  • Insomnia 
  • Hypertension
  • Dark circles (lack of sleep)
  • Unhealthy diet of food 
  • Less concentration power
  • Lack of memory power
  • Negative results in academics
  • Loss in creativity
  • Frustrated nature
  • Remains irritated
  • Lack of social skills
  • Fewer communication skills
  • Impacts on peer groups and family
  • Disturbance in personal space
  • Anxiety
  • Borderline depression
  • Negative influence
  • Self-doubts
  • The feeling of insecurity (due to the perfect virtual word)
  • Vision impairments
  • Strains on fingers (due to gaming)

How do people get benefit from the dumb phone challenge?

A dumb phone challenge, as discussed earlier, can make you reflect upon yourself and give you an idea of your obsession with your device. To perform the challenge, people buy dumbphones. There are sellers in the market who especially sell dumbphones.

Some organizations and NGOs conduct dumb phone challenges in return for gifts, prize money or something profitable to spread awareness. There are also officially organized challenges as a competitive tasks with a set record or limit (e.g. 72 hours, one week) and the person who completes the task is rewarded.

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The dumb phone challenge is quite difficult for extremely obsessed smartphone users and self-realizing; the challenge is reflective for those whose screen time is slowly increasing daily and easy for those whose obsession over a smartphone is less and who are not driven crazy by the smart features of it.


Dumbphone challenges can make individuals realize how much they are addicted to smartphones and that their obsession is harmful. In addition, it can alert you when to start taking necessary steps to avoid getting so intensively obsessed over the device that you get anxious and frustrated without it.

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